Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Great Thrifted Costume Haul

One of my favorite parts of holiday weekends is that all the local thrift stores have sales. We are very into buying second-hand (almost my entire closet was purchased used), so we usually check out the bargains. Today we got quite the deals on some excellent costumes and costume accessories!
The first two stores we hit had some good fashion items but no costumes. The third was a treasure trove of children's outfits! We got a Monster High Abby Bominable, a Draculara (I'm going on record right now that I don't know Monster High characters and will probably butcher the names), a Batman, Batgirl, Spidergirl, Elsa from Frozen, and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. All but the Spidergirl were in great shape, and that one really just needs the cuffs repaired. We promised my older niece we would all go as Monster High at some point, so now I suppose that point will have to be before the costumes are too small for the girls. 

Kate also found a fabulous Maleficent costume, including a soft foam head piece with horns. The horns do not stand up well by themselves, but could easily be reinforced to work just fine. 

The best part of all this is that the total cost of costumes, including all seven children's costumes and the Maleficent, was less than $50! Any items we don't use for conventions will be perfect for play time with the girls. Can't beat this steal!

Now if only I could put as much time into actually finishing my costume for Comic Con in two weeks as I spend shopping at the thrift stores...

The happiest little Batgirl

The Elsa costume that is apparently a little scratchy for the little one. We plan to cut off the scratchy material along the top and put simple blue satin straps on.

Abby Bominable! 

Maleficent is the steal of the day! The costume and head piece were under $10!