Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Poison Ivy Excitement!

As I am sure the title of this post indicates, I am very excited to be cosplaying Poison Ivy this September. Despite some frustration with my skirt (ruching is not a thing I'm going to be doing again any time soon), I am quite pleased with the concepts I have laid down and the work that's been completed thus far.

The top of my outfit is completely done. I was going to use felt leaves initially, due to the plastic ones being rather expensive online, but then I scored an amazing deal on some plastic bouquets of ivy leaves. Since I was unhappy with the flat, two-dimensional look of the felt leaves, I decided to switch them out for the plastic, which were more realistic and had designs and variations in color already present. I had been thinking I was going to have to go back through and paint on details, so this was a pleasant surprise!

I had already started gluing on the felt leaves, but luckily was able to remove them from the strapless swimsuit and not cause too much damage to the fabric. There was quite a bit of glue residue remaining, but that got covered by the new leaves, so who really gives a damn?

The old leaves (are dead, long live the new leaves). I had placed a lot more than this by the time I switched, but this gives an idea what they looked like. 

The new leaves went on like a charm. I have to go back through and place several more to cover places that are exposed when my rather generous figure stretches out the suit, but that should be easy. I didn't go very far down, since I prefer to wear my skirts a bit higher. I have a large measurement on my hips and a rather small one on my natural waist, causing everything I wear to migrate up to my waist regardless of where it starts. I decided to hell with it years ago and just started wearing everything higher.

The new leaves. Much more color variation and texture! 
Also, my natural hair color; not quite red enough!

My wig arrived a few weeks ago and I am beyond thrilled with how it looks! I was correct in thinking that getting all my hair under it is going to be a challenge, but that's a small price to pay for how utterly fantastic it looks on me! It definitely helps that I am a natural redhead, so the coloring is already there. This just takes it to the next level and gives me the length and curls that I can't get with my hair, or rather I could get but have minimal to no desire to work for. I have had hair as long as this wig before (I could sit on it when it was in a braid!) and it is horrible, miserable work to get it there and maintain it. Never again!

New wig, much faster than growing out my hair! Also cheaper, if you take into account my former shampoo and conditioner bills. 

The skirt has given me a little more grief. As previously stated, I was going to try for something ruched that could be turned into an Ariel skirt for January, to make it serve double duty, but it turns out that I am physically incapable of making the skirt I want, and instead was reduced to a quivering pile of tears and forced to come to terms with my own mortality. So instead, I will be doing the only kind of skirt I know how: put a channel along the top and thread elastic through! The good ol' standby.
Green fabric for my skirt

I know some people are probably thinking, "But Poison Ivy doesn't have a skirt!" Well, I for one like to shave as little as possible. I also have no butt, and desire to hide my asslessness under a several folds of fabric. For these reasons, this Poison Ivy will be wearing a skirt!

The only other thing I need to finish is my chest piece. I didn't want to go completely green for several reasons. First, that's a lot of time in application. Painting my arms, legs, face, and chest green could add hours onto the time it takes me to get ready, and I truly enjoy sleeping in. Second, I would be leaving green stains everywhere I went, and third, I don't want to have to scrub all that off in the bathroom of the Marriot. That just doesn't sound like a fun evening. instead I decided to use a green acrylic gem (already purchased) and paint on a series of green veins coming out from it. I want to make a clay piece that the gem fits into that I can glue onto my chest. This way I can paint some red onto it and mimic the look of an inflamed, infected spot, like the green is a disease that's spreading through my body, starting at the point where the gem has embedded itself. I am somewhat leery of my sculpting skills (since I have none), but I always have an artistically talented brother-in-law to help me if things don't go well!

Phew, I think that's pretty much everything! I did buy two ivy vines online to wrap around my legs, again to avoid body paint, and a pair of cheap sandals that will have the extra leaves glued across the top of them. What am I missing? I've been considering if I want a mask, and what form that might take. Thoughts? Suggestions? I want to hear them all!

P.S. One of these days I really will make one of my sisters write a post. I'm sure the internet is getting mighty tired of hearing just my voice here!