Saturday, February 15, 2014

Poison Ivy is a Definite GO!

I have for sure, 100%, decided that I am doing Poison Ivy for Rose City Comic Con in September! I have started pinning some costumes for inspiration here. This is the Pinterest board where I leave little tidbits I find that I might want to follow up on. Feel free to check it out; I've been pinning way, so there's lots of cute stuff on there! I also want these boots for my outfit. They are amazing, and I think they would speak to the whole dryad look I am aiming for. I want to do a bit more naturalist of a Poison Ivy with a few of my own twists.

This week I went to the thrift store and purchased a slightly-too-large bathing suit. I am going to sew all of my leaves to it. Yes, I know that the Con isn't until September, but I'm cutting out and sewing hundreds of felt leaves, so I figured getting a jump-start couldn't hurt! I got the suit a bit too large so that it wouldn't stretch and distort too much when I put it on, and so that it would be more comfortable to wear for a whole weekend. Comfort is important! Also, I want to eat nachos, so I can't be too constricted. Just sayin', a girl's gotta get her nacho on.

I will forgo the painted on vines for my arms and legs and just go for some wire stemmed ivy from the floral department. I like the authenticity of having it three-dimensional. I think I'll also have to figure out some interesting eye makeup. In all, very excited for this costume. I will post pictures later this week when I have some of the leaves ready to go!

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