Monday, January 6, 2014

Cosplay Trial Run

We did a dress rehearsal for our costumes last night to work out the kinks and see what we still need to do. Maecy's Black Canary is going to be epic! She even found a canary necklace at Fuego that we painted with black nail polish.

She is also going Raven. I'm not incredibly familiar with the character, so I'm mostly taking get word for it that the costume is both awesome and accurate. She seems trustworthy enough.

I have decided to do double duty on my Thor cape and use it for Wonder Woman. I wasn't going to wear a cape as her, but it looked so good when I tried it on that I was persuaded. Kate is going to help me make a gold eagle for the back and I will just pin it on for the second day. I now have my rope as well, because Wonder Woman would be less wonderful without her Magic Lasso!

Thor got a compete makeover for ComiCon. Instead of pants and a gray shirt I am going to wear a black pencil skirt and black corset over a silver button-up. This will give me a much more feminine look, which is my personal ideal.

Kate's Loki will be much the same as it was for Halloween. The one addition will be a fantastic bracelet I bought her. It is a gold coil that closely resembles a snake, and while it came with blue jewels on the end, they will be painted over to a brilliant shade of Loki green. Loki green should be on the official color spectrum. She is still waiting for two parts of her Penguin costume to arrive in the mail (monocle and umbrella). They'd better hurry. Only two weeks to go!

Speaking of only two weeks to go, I'd probably better finish setting up the side of my Wonder Woman skirt. I'll post when it's finished!

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